Welcome to a new era of customer service


Simple, really.

With only 1 phone number, WZ SUITE shares WhatsApp access for all your customer service employees.

Centralize your communication

Ending customer service by personal cell phone.

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1 4

Add to your customer care service the most used messaging App worldwide.


WZSuite Benefits:

  • Increase your average service speed;
  • Optimize and reduce your team;
  • Simultaneous services with only 1 phone number (mobile or landline) to multiple departments;
  • Automated customized messages;
  • Real time chat control;
  • Log customer data and chat history.

Reduce phone service up to

50 %

Most of your customers questions may be published beforehand.

  • Ensure service standard
  • Decrease communication informality
  • Reduce misspelling and errors

Gain agility, productivity and performance.

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