See some companies that use WZSUITE and have greatly improved their service:


7Ases Corretora de Seguros
Campo dos Sonhos
Laboratório Citocenter
Escritório Lima
Faculdade FADAM
GCL Advocacia
iW English School
Life RH
Open Source Lab
Rio Verde Contábil
Satélite Esporte Clube
Unimed Amparo
Hotel Fazenda Village Montana
Wiscon Tecnologia


A Real Padaria
Auto Full Parts
Brama Materiais
Brasil Natural
Essência Móveis de Design
Casa da Bóia
Purificador de Água Soft
Elo Nutrição
Farmácia InCorpore
Futuro Refeitório
Lara Imóveis
Nascimento Construção
Natural Flor
Optimum Informática
Supermercado Renata


Correias Universal
Eroflex - Mobiliário Corporativo
Good Pack
Gráfica Papel
Morethes - Comunicação Visual
Une Móveis


“WZSUITE offers quality and reliability on the platform. Note 10 regarding the support service. We looked for several companies that offer multiple WhatsApp screens for customer service, and WZSUITE is undoubtedly the best.”

Hércules Cardoso - Analista Computacional

“I found WZSuite on the internet at a very important moment of change here in my work. It is an extremely functional, practical tool, with fast support and patient technicians. I certainly recommend it, in addition to having a great price, it offers services of extreme quality.”

Larissa Moraes - Dpto. de Reservas

“There are several multi-user systems for WhatsApp on the national and international market. The 7Ases Seguros has already used two other systems in the past that were a disappointment, but in 2021 we were happy to do the free trial of WZ Suite together with 10 other tools and after all the comparisons the conclusion was clear: we acquired the software that became our best investment in business management, because our employees, who are in different parts of Brazil, serve customers through the same Whatsapp number, via computer or cell phone and everything is saved in the backup of Whatsapp and WZ Suite.
The WZ Suite is undoubtedly the simplest, most complete, stable, intuitive, safe and yet cost effective solution. The system fulfills what it promises and is constantly evolving. The team has an impeccable, fast, attentive service and takes suggestions for improvements that make the use of the tool better every day. Thank you very much VGT Tecnologia for bringing this exceptional quality software to the market.”

Giovanni Moser - Diretor